Who wins: NextDayDiplomas.com or PhonyDiplomas.com?

If you're in the market for a fake diploma, chances are you might be deciding between either PhonyDiploma.com or NextDayDiplomas.com. Both of which are two of the more popular fake diploma suppliers out there. Believe it or not, I actually purchased a fake diploma from both of these guys and have the receipts and confirmations to prove it! What diploma looked the best? Check out a preview of what I got from each of them first.

First, our fake diploma from Next Day Diplomas!

Above is the diploma from NextDayDiploma.com sent us. Now, these guys did put a gold seal at the bottom which is where it is suppose to be. For those of you who are new to my fake diploma review site, I basically requested a copy of my real diploma and when Next Day said they could replicate it, I figured this would be a great test. So again, the seal was at the right spot. Although, the school name way off. They actually arched it, when it is suppose to be printed straight! The two signatures are correct, as the real diploma has two signatures. So, in the end, the seal placement was there but names were off.

Second, our fake diploma from Phony Diplomas!

As far as PhonyDiploma.com, their diploma was a slight improvement. Although, the real diploma only has one seal and not two. If I showed people this diploma with seals, they would know it was a fake. I was pretty upset about that. Being that Phony claims they are a fake diploma expert, I'm shocked they couldn't get this one right. Still, they did manage to write the school name across the top just like a real one. I was somewhat happy with their work.

So, which one is the better fake diploma site?

At the end of the day, the documents both these sites created was manageable but not the best. Really, the other site that matched my diploma really close was DiplomaCompany.com. That's my honest opinion.

Yet, if you deciding between these two, I'd probably go with PhonyDiploma.com. This isn't too say that the diploma from Phony didn't have major issues because it did, but the customer service experience was much better and they were willing to fix the problems. At Next Day, getting anybody in support is hard considering their live chat feature is always down.