Diploma-World.com Review

Please note that www.diploma-world.com is no longer in business. The company closed it's doors back in May of 2015. We still get a few people asking us about this site and how we reviewed it ourselves, so we will keep this review live. It seems like towards the end, the owner stopped trying and because of it, support fell apart and complaints have rised. We are also dropping them to last place because of this. Currently, the domain should be leading you to another review of them done by our sister site.

The ordering process

This company often goes under the same name Fake-Diploma.com. Same website and company, different name.

Their website is pretty on-par with other websites out there, offering the same products. They even offer what appear to be the option of templates or replica diplomas from around the world. The website was fairly easy to navigate through.

Like other websites out there, they only had the option to pay by credit cards. This may be an issue for some, but as I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this review website, credit cards make for the safest, most secure, and most trustworthy transactions available.

We ended up using prepaid American Express cards and had trouble splitting up payments (each card had a $100 limit) and had to make special payment arrangements over email with their support staff.

Customer service was average. My cousin, Robert, helped us out by calling, only to get a generic “The voice subscriber you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message.” You would think they could record a more personalized voice message. Robert left a message and never got a response. I didn’t see an option for live chat on their website. Robert ultimately used email for all correspondence. I think it’s important to note here that it was usually about 24 hours to get a response on each email. That’s not all that great, especially when competitors offer live chat or phone support for immediate customer feedback.

The shipping process (including dates and time)

According to their support team, a few of our emails were lost and we had some trouble getting tracking numbers. Nevertheless, our package arrived on 9/6 in good shape, unlike our experience with Diploma Xpress where the package was literally destroyed. We did not pay extra for faster shipping, but after our experience with customer support losing a few emails, they decided to upgrade us to overnight shipping at no additional charge to us. We thought this was a very nice touch, and helped save their reputation in the end.

What my order looked like

The quality we received was beyond that of ND Center and Diploma Xpress. We feel it is one of the better websites out on the internet. We are starting to wonder, when comparing our document to the one we ordered from Phony Diploma…is Diploma World owned by the same people as Phony Diploma? Both packages were shipped from Virginia, both diplomas contained the same made up signatures, and both documents had similar graphics, qualities, and paper. Their seals were the same, and the return address on both packages said it was from “DPS” or “Document Printing Services.” We do not have proof of this, but we found lots of hints.

But really, does it matter if they are owned by the same company? Even if they are, Diploma-World took the lead in our mind over Phony because everything came free from grammatical mistakes. Phony Diploma’s document had a few mistakes on it. The three of us all still think Diploma Company takes the gold out of all of them, with their customer support and overall quality of ordering and the document itself.


Diploma-World charges about $150 for a college diploma. This is actually one of the more affordable options out there – PhonyDiploma charges $275, and Diploma Company charges $183! We thought $150 was a really great deal for the quality you get with Diploma-World.

If you wanted to step up and spend about $30 more with Diploma Company, however, the quality does step up dramatically. Also important to note: we paid about the same price for our diploma at Diploma Makers, and they didn’t do nearly as great of a job.

They didn’t even offer a diploma replication.

Summary of overall experience

Overall, I was pleased with my experience with Diploma-World. Very good price for the quality you get, and the website’s pretty average. I would deduct points for customer service.

What it all boil down to: I would recommend Diploma-World to a friend. But still, when you side-by-side compare the document and overall experience to what we got from DiplomaCompany.com, Diploma Company blows all competition out of the water.


  • The quality was a lot like Phony Diploma, though a lot less expensive
  • No grammatical mistakes
  • Easy to use website


  • Customer support not always available
  • Shipping was delayed, yet company was apologetic and upgrade to overnight shipping for free
  • Print quality not all that great – you get what you pay for