Why you can't trust 90% of fake diploma website reviews

These days it isn't uncommon to find a lot of fake reviews on products and services, posted everywhere online. The reason is often because a lot of stores and shops offer their customers money to submit feedback. Because of this, many people - in some cases people who never purchased their products - will write about their experiences for others. Other businesses which can be a bit more competitive and intense, will see competition post negative reviews as a way to scare people from one product or service to another. Believe me, there is no exceptions with fake diplomas!

Because feedback is so powerful and most customers believe everything they read, it isn't surprising to see how far out of hand all of this has gotten. Even though many sites that allow customers to leave feedback have gone to great lengths to filter out bogus feedback and reviews, a large number of reviews still do get through the filters and unfairly represent some business and services.

Why do you care so much about the dishonesty in reviews?

When I first began the process of starting up this review site, I looked into many suppliers of fake diplomas. Most of what I read was all over the place and included everything from customers being arrested (which seemed so over the top) to the diploma being a 100% replicated match with no differences between it and an actual one (which was a bit of nonsense). Not knowing where the line because honest and bs came and left, I always had my doubts on what I was reading.

This really argument here isn't an argument against fake diploma website reviews but an argument against websites that allow anybody to post anything negative reviews about anybody else without a single bit of proof! And when I mean proof, I mean proof that you made a purchase, bought something, etc.

sending money order to pay for a fake diploma
Making a payment for my diploma! Actually buying products I reviewed!

If you're going to say company A took your money, let me see proof that you bought from company A. That sort of proof is never on any review site like Better Business or Site Jabber or RipOffReport.com. Plus most of these kinds of open platform review sites are caught all the time blackmailing companies by posting dishonest reviews and then charging the company to remove them. In the end, you realize that it was a setup to provide business to the review site and never about protecting the customer and keeping honest tabs on the company A.

What do you mean by your reviews are "real"?

In wanting to end all of the lies and deception about fake diplomas online, I went out and actually purchased real diplomas from sites like NextDayDiplomas.com and DiplomaCompany.com, and kept detailed records of my purchase, took photos of the fake diploma, scans of my receipts and shipping confirmations and so on. At the end of the day, I sliced through the bs and gave people want they wanted, a real fake diploma website review blog.
I hope that Ed takes notice some day and does things the right way!

Is ND-Center.com a scam site full of complaints?

For the longest time, I kept getting a lot of inquiries about ND-Center.com from people who begged me to purchase a fake diploma from them and do a real about their site on my blog. A lot of this is because there is a big mystery surrounding ND Center. Their website is very stripped down with no actual shopping cart but an order request form, their customer support is limited, and their payment options pretty much come down to sending cash in the mail to some offshore strange! Yet, they promise the best diplomas anywhere and since everybody seemed too nervous to order from them and take a big risk, I figured it had to be me!  In the end, I had my share of complaints with them and write about all of it in in my official ND-Center.com Review.

Now, most of the reviews I had read online stated that companies like DiplomaCompany.com, PhonyDiploma.com and NextDayDiploma.com were all scams, yet those same reviews never listed ND-Center.com as being a site to say away from too. In fact, it seemed like any site that was run in the United States was bad and any site outside of the USA was terrific! I was skeptical.

All of this just lead me to believe that a lot of those reviews on sites like RipOffReport.com or Scam.com were posted by staff members at ND-Center.com or maybe they were just really this amazing company? The fact is, anybody can go on sites like that and ramble on because they don't require any proof of purchase or any proof of honestly. Reviews like that is what made we want to start this fake diploma review blog, in the first place.

Now, this isn't to say that I had never read anything negative about ND Center online. I did. I found a few review sites, maybe coming from Phony and Diploma Company and other of their competitors, saying that ND Center would take your money and run! This childish back and forth go real old.

Now, considering that ND-Center.com only takes money orders or wire transfers, the idea of knowing your payment isn't protected is a scary thought for some. The fact is, regardless of how shady their payment process is, getting scammed by them is not true! At the end of the day, although I had a number of complaints about my experience, they did send me my fake college diploma and they gave me what I paid for.

What was your biggest complaint issue with ND-Center.com?

For starters, the customer support was frustrating. I asked for a copy of my diploma and one guy who answered said they could do it and another said they couldn't. They were very disorganized. In the end, I had to get a friend to place an order because they basically started to ignore me. When the fake diploma did arrive, I immediately noticed horrible print quality on the document. This looks like it was printed on some device from the 80's that was running low on link! An absolutely disgusting looking diploma.

Can I trust ND-Center.com?

So, in the end is this site a scam site? No. They will not take your money and run. They do give you something. In fact, every site I ordered from gave me what I paid for including ND-Center.com.  Yet, I had major problems with the quality of their work and invite you to read more about my experience by reading my full review with them.

Biggest complaints with PhonyDiploma.com

When I set out to make a fake diploma review site, on of the first sites that I knew I needed to purchase a fake diploma from was PhonyDiplomas.com. Their company claims to offer "replica" diplomas, and this was my chance to order a real product from them and really grade them, openly and honestly.  At the end, my experience was rather good with Phony Diplomas but I did have a few complaints.

When I ordered a diploma on their website, it was for a school that I had graduated from and had a real diploma from. This way I could compare their "replica" work side-by-side to the real thing. I knew that there would be some differences including signatures because of forgery regulations and seals because of copyright, but overall I was really looking to see if they matched the diploma's layout, which would tell me that they had a clue what the real one looked like.

What was the number one complaint with the diploma from Phony Diploma?

Now, my actual diploma has some pretty distinct characteristics, including a seal in the bottom middle. As you can see in the photo of the diploma they sent above, they got that part right. What the real diploma doesn't have is a seal to the right. Some people might think the extra seal looks cool, but if I showed this to another graduate of my school, they would know that it was a fake right away. That is a major complaint of mine.

Another big issue on my fake diploma from Phony was misspellings. As you can see on the closeup photo above, the diploma they sent us says "on the in June". What does that even mean? haha Now, more than that... the real diploma actually says, "Given in Midland, Michigan, the twenty seventh day of June". As you can see, not only did they write it wrong by saying "Grantland, Michigan, in June" but they obviously miswrote the whole part about "on the" which simply doesn't sound right.

This isn't to say that every fake diploma you order from Phony Diplomas will come out with misspellings. I get plenty of feedback from PhonyDiploma.com customers who have positive things to say about their experience with them and very little complaints. Still, what this leads me to believe is that they did not have a replica of my diploma on my file and sort of rushed to put together my order.

You can obviously read more about my experience with PhonyDiploma.com on my review page. There, I have proof of payment being made, getting the package, and photos documenting their entire experience. At the end of the day, Phony Diploma did send me my order so be careful of any other review sites which state that Phony will take your money and not send you anything. That is simply not true. Phony also since apologized for the mistake and has made ever effort to fix them.