The ordering process

We are big fans of PhonyDiploma’s website. It’s easy to navigate through, is uncluttered, and the product images are crisp. Still, this isn't to say that things didn't go off without a hitch.

we ordered a fake diploma at

We sent a money order in, and it arrived on 10/22. We saw it had arrived, but it took several emails asking them to check their mailboxes before our order was put into production. How long would it have taken to start making our diploma had we not called and bugged them? That all being said, they still honored their 24 hour turnaround policy, and shipped out our order 24 hours after verifying our money order. They confirmed receipt of our payment on 10/25 and it shipped out on 10/26.

payment to

payment to

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PhonyDiploma offers live chat support, as well as a toll-free telephone number and email. We felt they had more readily available chat than other sites such as Next Day Diploma, which we felt was very hard to reach via chat during our entire period of research.

The shipping process (including dates and time)

Phony Diploma verified our payment on 10/25. Our diploma was shipped out on 10/26 and we received our package on 10/28 from UPS.

What my order looked like

our fake diploma from

Phony Diploma was one of the better diplomas we received in our research. We were pleased to see the shiny gold seal like the real one. However, the school seal should have been placed on the left-hand side of the diploma, and Phony Diploma placed it on the right. In addition, the diploma we received had four signatures where it should have only had two, and a state seal, which it shouldn't have had (we requested a private school, and therefore would not have used a state seal). I don't know what they were thinking?

It is possibly Phony Diploma may have used a different design from a different graduating year from my school, but we did request a graduation date from the class of 1992. This request therefore wasn't met. We felt Diploma Company  did a better job with this.


mistakes on order

We paid $275 for this order, which was the most expensive order we placed. We felt we may have overpaid for it and for the amount of cash we put down, that should have given us their A-game! They didn't. We did go with a lot of upgrades and chose the most expensive options hoping they would give us the BEST possible product, but we were sadly disappointed.

One highlight was the leather folder we ordered that said “Diploma of Graduation” in shiny gold. It was a nice touch as part of their package upgrade. Another highlight was that they did not put anything on the diploma or inside our package indicating the diploma was a fake, like did, and for this we gave them a few extra points. 

Summary of overall experience

Overall, offered good service and we loved the 24-hour turnaround policy, gold seal, leather folder, and the lack of any disclaimer stickers on the document. We were a bit disappointed with the layout of the school, the inappropriate use of the state seal, and we felt the fake diploma we got from them was way overpriced.


Great ink and graphic quality
Matching gold foil seal
Strong packaging
High quality leather graduation folder
No misspellings, though a few grammar issues


Our document had a state seal - not authentic for a private school
State seal wasn’t the best quality
They printed “College of Business,” when our school did not have a college of business.
They put “on the in June” for the graduation date – error.