DiplomaCompany.com Review

I ordered a fake diploma from DiplomaCompany.com! Check out my review!

A snapshot of DiplomaCompany.com

Diploma Company has a really great website. It is easy to navigate through, presented in a clear format and layout, and it was easy to find what we wanted to order. Their customer service is convenient and accommodating. 

I spoke to Chris over chat, who was very helpful and able to answer my questions about ordering a fake diploma and what it would look like. Chris explained to us how they make their orders – they have over 300,000 original diploma templates on file, and the designers draw all data to find the best fake diploma for me and my graduation year. 

If I didn’t want to use their chat feature, Diploma Company also offers telephone support and email support. Their chat and telephone operators are available normal business hours, as well as extended evening support hours. Their available and live customer support surpassed other competitor websites.

When and how did the fake diploma arrive from Diploma Company?

We ordered a Bachelors diploma on 10/13/2010, and mailed in a money order the following day, arriving at their door on 10/18/2010. Our diploma was shipped on 10/21/2010 and at our door on 10/26/2010.

There was a slight delay between when they got paid, and when they shipped out my order. I jumped back online and asked a customer support member why this was. He told me that since I had chosen ground shipping, they hold it for a few days as they give priority to customers who have ordered express rush shipping. This makes sense to me. I didn’t express a sense of urgency, or that I needed my package right away. 

Even if my package was delayed a few days via ground shipping, I didn’t think it was that bad. In comparison, DiplomaXpress.com waiting 7-10 days to even authorize our payment.

How was the diploma shipped from DiplomaCompany.com?

My package was packed up carefully and did not arrive damaged. It was in good shape.

What did the fake diploma from DiplomaCompany.com look like?

We ordered a diploma from a small school, which has only graduated about 30,000 students in the past 50 years. My real school-issued diploma had a shiny gold seal on the left, two signatures, and the name written vertically. Our diploma from Diploma Company hit all three nails on the head, and we were very impressed.

What was the value of their fake diploma?

As far as their price, Diploma Company was right in the middle of the range. Considering they outmatched everyone else in the running when looking at overall quality, this shows how great they ranked overall.

They earned our only 5 star rating in value.

What was your overall experience with DiplomaCompany.com?

Overall, I thought Diploma Company was a very professional company to do business with. I was pleased with the ordering process from start to finish, all of my questions and concerns were quickly answered by their support staff (whether before or after placing my order) and I was extremely pleased with my order. I would highly recommend to another individual looking to buy a fake diploma.

The highs of dealing with DiplomaCompany.com:

  • Closest matched to my original school-issued diploma.
  • Great gold foil embossing on the seal.
  • Sturdy packaging and safe shipping.
  • High quality inks and graphics.
  • No typos or grammatical mistakes. Improve over mistake found on PhonyDiploma.com order.

The lows of dealing with DiplomaCompany.com:

  • The only con was the shipping was delayed 3 days because of the payment method we chose.
  • Had I paid with credit card, this wouldn't have been an issue.